What are the benefits of a Gun Trust ?


  • It is a great estate planning tool !
  • Your gun trust can own full auto firearms !
  • Your firearms trust can own select fire weapons !
  • Your trust can own silencers/suppressors where allowed !
  • Your trust can own (AOWs) any other weapons as defined by the BATF&E !
  • Your trust need not have your Chief Law Enforcement Officers signature to sign off on purchases !
  • Your NFA trust is not required to submit fingerprints when making a purchase !
  • There are no public records of what the trust purchases that are linked to you !
  • Your trust can have multiple authorized users that can take possession and use the firearms !
  • A trust can have special provisions written in !


Please note that some states do not allow the ownership of certain firearms or suppressors. The attorney that prepares your trust can answer any questions you may have concerning the legalities in your state.